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    New Tomorrows is a specialty fund focusing on investments
    in European Companies with innovative business models.

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    We bring together Asian and European parties
    creating cross continental investment opportunities.

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    We are actively involved in managing and controlling
    the companies we participate in.


¥€$ WE FUND.

In a world where banks are increasingly cautious to provide funds, a new breed of companies is coming up that take over traditional banking roles. Specialized in providing financing while looking at opportunities with an entrepreneurial spirit. Closely following global economic trends, connecting parties that complement each other after carefully gauging their potential. New Tomorrows is an eminent representative of this new breed.

New Tomorrows connects, finances and manages with a clear focus: small and mid-sized (family) businesses. These companies form the bedrock of the economy and there lie the opportunities for growth.

European Focus

The pace of change is ever increasing as technological development accelerates and globalisation continues, continuously creating new business opportunities. Europe, having an open economy, an innovative industry and a strong technology base is in an ideal position to profit from these opportunities.

New Tomorrows focuses on innovative small and mid-sized companies in Europe. These companies see opportunities and need financing to grab these opportunities: to increase capacity, to ensure succession, to further develop technologies, to expand markets abroad and so on. New Tomorrows recognizes these needs and is bullish about numerous sectors. The new industrial sector, medical appliances sector, companies in the trade and logistics sector that are employing new technologies, all have plenty of opportunities. New Tomorrows offers companies in these and other sectors the external financing they need.



New Tomorrows avails investors the opportunity to participate in modern, agile, small and mid sized European businesses. Through New Tomorrows' network in both Europe and China fruitful cooperations can be set up. Many Chinese companies that have seen phenomenal growth in China are now looking for opportunities to expand in Europe or acquire new technologies. Investment in established European companies is often the most expedient way of expansion or obtaining these technologies.

At the same time the Chinese investors can unlock the Chinese market for their European counterparts, which can be very difficult to do independently. Partners can complement each other in this way. New Tomorrows initiates, facilitates and can even be actively involved in the management of such partnerships, creating value for all parties involved.


Gerrit van der Wiele

M&A expert

Gerrit is a deal maker pur sang. With a background in investment banking Gerrit has been active as turn around manager and setting up M&A deals for the past 20 years. He has a particular strong business network in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland.

Corniel van der Meer

Financial expert

Corniel is a CPA and the financial expert of our team. Corniel is also an entrepreneur and a hands-on restructuring manager, having been involved in numerous turn around projects.

Jeroen Vet

China and IT expert

Jeroen has been living and working in China for the past 20 years. Fluent in Chinese, he is specialized in Market Entry strategies and application of IT, in particular Open Source software, to create competitive advantage.

Graham Moore

Tax and Accounting Expert

A Chartered Tax Advisor and Accoountant, Graham has over 20 years of tax and related experience with multinational companies in London, Sydney and Hong Kong. Graham has been based in Hong Kong since 2000.


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